Meet Our Families

We are proud to introduce you to our families.

The grants offered through Building on Love provide a temporary financial bridge to families, allowing them to focus on the health of their loved one. Each of these families has faced a life-altering diagnosis and all of the uncertainty and upheavals such news brings.  Thanks to our family of donors, we have been able to help our families in their greatest times of need.

“I didn’t know that strangers did this. I didn’t realize that there were decent people in this world.”

The Sweet Family

The Masse Family

The Bremer Family

“They were there for us emotionally and helped us work through the concerns or questions we had on our plate. The support and love that Building on Love gives to you in such difficult times and the continuous support that they keep giving, makes them a forever part of your family.”

The Crain Family

The Dorsey Family

The Dimino Family

The Marshall Family